sam and ali

” Oh and just like the river i been running, ever since”. 

A throwback in the spirit of a Negus is fitted for June. The Negus historical archive is for education. For what is the spirit of the Negus/Nigist is.  On the Negusworld home website there are many figures that flash, one by one in the introduction that bear the crown. For those familiar the late Mr Cooke needs no introduction.  Along with being one of the greatest voices of the 20th century he was also a civil rights activist, a businessman and a force that crossed all ethnic lines, in a time where race was burning issue on American soil.  The success of Mr Cooke started within the Dogmas of the Black Church; but branched out to a world in need of unity, where race and politics had extreme and defining lines.  One thing the Negus/Nigist practices is Equality. And brings this sense of Equality to the masses in a position of  influence.  


sam 2


Mr Cooke practiced the Art of love,  Equality and social consciousness by business savvy and one tool, the voice. All the way till his unjustified and untimely death in 1964.  Draw from the Crown, leave your own legacy.  The pieces of the crown will be, remnants of your own life. A Change is gonna come.  Negus/Nigist up. –


Negus Zion


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