“I wasn’t fighting just one man, i was fighting a lot of men. I had to show I had them all that i was a man they couldn’t intimidate. If i lost i would have to listen to all the talk about how i was a bum, how i joined the wrong movement, and how how i was misled. That’s why it was so important for me to show them wrong they were. I won in the third round knockout.” 

Adversity is a hard.  Hardly bittersweet.  Trials of the character are a great test, but the fruits have greater worth.  In reading his timely memoir i found pearls of wisdom a young man set out to find truth, and the substance of being a man of the people.  This was self fulfilling, to his days as a youth, seeing the evils of racism, learning social virtues, developing as boxer, and today whom we know as the legacy, “Peoples Champion”.   The young man from Kentucky, later transformed into Muhammad knew the importance in a name, in nationality, in race, and pride of being a MAN. Thus reflects The Negus crown. September Salutes a man, a elder who spent his life for all people, in a vehicle of the coin “The Greatest”; something he practised in word and deed.  What exists in this man exists in you. Help others to find it. You have the Negus crown.



Negus Zion