#anegusworldreport: WHEN WE WERE KINGS

nigger ticket

December closes 2014 with insight to the world we live in. Under the banner of Negusworld, a Negus/Nigist nation the issues we face are as relevant to us today as they are to our future.  


” Brainwash Education, to make us the fools”-

Bob Marley

What the Negus crown stands for in essence, is opposite to where oppression reigns. Regarding the African Diaspora, due to history the purpose of the Atlantic slave trade and institutionalization of African peoples on American soil, was to re create their definition as human beings, and re create their purpose. Someone noted to me most American history books through the 20th century, referenced Afro American history starting, at the inception, and national practice of slavery. But it started hundreds to thousands of years ago in Africa; as one of the first civilizations, as kings and Queens, as farmers and scientists.  Education is important, and the Greatest form is knowledge of self.  The above picture is a token; of what we have known as American racism, found in a Missouri rural property. The times have reflectled open injustice.  Educate your selves, exercise the right to be who you were born to be under the Negus/Nigist crown.  Because all races and nations wear it in equality.

-Negus Zion 


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