(For our fallen soldiers)

Embassy of fair treatment

we were taken from our true land.

or removed from it.

We were stripped of our dignity.

we have no land to return to so

we must be given rights here.

As prisoners of war we are experiencing repercussions of our captives again.

Trying to put us in our places with fear, beheading; public hangings and playgrounds and jails.

We seek Asylum from Americans…. in America.-

Nigist Sha Thomas

“Prisoners of War” serves as prelude to a strong collaborative commentary by Non Profit leader Sha thomas and Freelance Journalist/Recording Artist/Grassroots record producer Zion Antoni. #Imnotyournigger:  A release issued from Mary Martha Ministries, distributed through Urban Cry LLC, and other entities. What was yesteryear’s struggle, are today’s scars. One.

Stay conscious of all crowns in the Human race. Negus/Nigist UP.


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