When did school stop teaching?
When did school become a business? With being
mandatory, state funding, warm body in a seat.
Educators would have you believe its for your child’s
best interest. To make sure they can get into good
schools for college. But schools are not opportunities for
students that are in poor communities.
And tuition and college loans are set up keeping poor
out of better, higher education. Those that do not make
it have to pay back very high loans. But back to
primary education. School became mandatory in the
1800’s to help children stop being victims of child labor.
Where they were treated like slaves. How ironic.
Because now they are slaves to state regulations that
have them in hostile environments. Where they are
bullied by other students and teachers have hidden
agendas of racism or sexism.
Black children taught just slavery, and not full African
American history; or the atrocity of the holocaust:
presenting only the shame.
Teaching your child to feel inferior, or stupid. Having
to be up by 6am.. And leaving at 2:30. Then after school
activities, then homework. 8 hours a day, rain or shine.
8 hours a day, 5 days a week. This is ridiculous. Do you
realize how tired they are? If you ever went to a parent
teacher conference, where you go to all the students
classes, how tired you are just from one day, and not
even a full 8 hours.
Technology is way beyond what is offered in school
smart students are bored by the slow rate information is
being presented.
Most can look information up on their phones.
School is obsolete and should not… be mandatory.
Students should be able, to Opt out. –


Speaking of youth. Here is JEMBA (Negusworld) account…Oakland California voices at its best… Negus Up!


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