The entry by Nigist Sha demonstrates truth in a city on Michigan. A healthy perspective of the “kingdom” of our bodies and what must be done to preserve it. Even more as collective, and society. Since this crisis efforts have been poured out. United we stand.-

Negus Zion 


As an R.N., A mother, a concerned citizen i say where is fema, cdc, an the red cross?
Flint michigan residents are forced to endure and pay for sub-human living conditions.
We talk about 3rd world aid. That is great now provide the care to our own people that deserve relocation at the expense of those responsible for 4 years of criminal neglect of the public heath and wellness. Water is essential for life, lead is poison. If we sit back and wacth thousands of people suffer we will find that there will be other cities that follow in this heinous practice. If you are poor…. help yourself, Negus stand up.-

Nigist Sha 


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