When you follow your dreams people want you to have a nightmare.
As soon as things becomes firm, for you and your direction becomes firm.
There is always someone questioning your intelligence as far as your purpose is concerned. You have to be able to stand alone sometimes in your convictions. Even if no one else has faith in you.
You have to have faith in yourself.
Stay connected with people that have like minded dreams.
Or at least be connected with people that have vision of dreams. People without hope will try to kill you from moving out on faith because they only believe what they can see.
Im not trying to say its easy, im saying dont quit.
following your dreams alone is not for the weak.
Only the strong of heart can maintain vision, while people throw dirt in your dirt in your eyes.
Some make it feel like pounds of doubt are placed on your shoulders.
Move out on faith anyway the faster you get moving the lighter the load will be.
Remember, sometimes we dream alone.
Those that have similar dreams will find you, once you get to where you belong .
Stop trying to fit in places that are not for you to be who your DESIGNED TO BE.




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