Don’t sit down and watch stand up, speak up, we are smart, loving and caring. We are passionate and proud. We have rights, don’t wait until they are gone to get involved, write letters say what you feel. Make positive changes where you can. Stand together for people that can’t stand up for themselves. The elderly, the fatherless, the disabled, the single mother or father. Work together in communities. Help young men to stay out of jail. Don’t become a commodity. Band together to ensure the future.

Negus up!

Nigist Sha Thomas



When a prophet come to a Land, he tells them what the condition their hearts are in. Persecution comes with that don’t shoot the messenger. If someone comes to you and tells you that there something wrong with your car then you know what’s wrong with it and it can be fixed. If you go to the doctors and he tells you that you have a condition then he tells you what you can do to get that condition fixed, the same when a prophet comes to the land and tells you that you’re wrong, it gives you a chance to become right. Negus up,

Nigist Sha


In dedication of the many prophetic voices that spoke to many nations. Especially America. Negus/Nigist up.-

Negus Zion