Don’t sit down and watch stand up, speak up, we are smart, loving and caring. We are passionate and proud. We have rights, don’t wait until they are gone to get involved, write letters say what you feel. Make positive changes where you can. Stand together for people that can’t stand up for themselves. The elderly, the fatherless, the disabled, the single mother or father. Work together in communities. Help young men to stay out of jail. Don’t become a commodity. Band together to ensure the future.

Negus up!

Nigist Sha Thomas




Heart of a Lion soul of a king black man Negus up looking for your Nigist Queen. Don’t Stop I see you struggle but you win because you always been a soldier, battlefield of life is yours to win. Together we can’t lose don’t forget me because I’m praying. Not just for our family, our future, and our Legacy together. But to be KINGS and QUEENS of this world to do the great things that God has commissioned for us to do together. Negus up. Nigist up

Nigist Sha




Our newly President elect sparked more race tension than ever before. Other countries are laughing at his rude deplorable behavior. America, the new joke. But it’s not funny if you live here in this joke. His power struggle is an easy one, the house and the Senate are going to give him whatever he wants, in my opinion. At the close of 2016 we witnessed an ugly election.Though my voice may be small it will always seek the truth. I pray God’s protection on us all. Regardless, let us stand together on the side of Truth, Purpose and Life.

Negus strong, Negus up, Negist Sha



Again I Rise, after this election we seek for answers we question our political system. We questioned our friends, that now seem to be under a spell. Post, tweets, and Facebook comments are very uncomfortable trying to be diplomatic and assertive at the same damn time. Wanting to be calm and also wanting to speak your mind. Knowing that this thing called race is realer than ever. There is no way to erase the voice of Her Own neighbors making statements about race and trying to convince us that it has nothing to do about us. That white supremacy is all in your mind. As the clan has a rally. Pointing out to my people of color, private jail stocks has increased since the election. Don’t feed this money machine (prison) be there for your family’s. Help them to grow strong and safe with a two-parent family.

We need to pull together in our communities be the Watchman on the wall, be the change you want to see in your neighborhood. Have pride, live long, Be Free.

Negus up. Nigist up

Nigist Sha


You don’t let other people tell you who your God is.

I dont fight people who believe differently than me.

Freedom has never been free. It comes with a cost. How many deaths before our cross we no longer have to bear.

Being the people with the most level heads upholding the standards of pride.

Spiritually led by God.

Our fore fathers by natural selection assured that only the strong survived making a super race, unknowingly all the oppression creating a more determined mind.

What couldn’t kill us made us stronger, faster, smarter all around real life champions. We don’t fall, we get pushed….. but we Negus/Nigist up!

Nigist Sha


When you follow your dreams people want you to have a nightmare.
As soon as things becomes firm, for you and your direction becomes firm.
There is always someone questioning your intelligence as far as your purpose is concerned. You have to be able to stand alone sometimes in your convictions. Even if no one else has faith in you.
You have to have faith in yourself.
Stay connected with people that have like minded dreams.
Or at least be connected with people that have vision of dreams. People without hope will try to kill you from moving out on faith because they only believe what they can see.
Im not trying to say its easy, im saying dont quit.
following your dreams alone is not for the weak.
Only the strong of heart can maintain vision, while people throw dirt in your dirt in your eyes.
Some make it feel like pounds of doubt are placed on your shoulders.
Move out on faith anyway the faster you get moving the lighter the load will be.
Remember, sometimes we dream alone.
Those that have similar dreams will find you, once you get to where you belong .
Stop trying to fit in places that are not for you to be who your DESIGNED TO BE.




The entry by Nigist Sha demonstrates truth in a city on Michigan. A healthy perspective of the “kingdom” of our bodies and what must be done to preserve it. Even more as collective, and society. Since this crisis efforts have been poured out. United we stand.-

Negus Zion 


As an R.N., A mother, a concerned citizen i say where is fema, cdc, an the red cross?
Flint michigan residents are forced to endure and pay for sub-human living conditions.
We talk about 3rd world aid. That is great now provide the care to our own people that deserve relocation at the expense of those responsible for 4 years of criminal neglect of the public heath and wellness. Water is essential for life, lead is poison. If we sit back and wacth thousands of people suffer we will find that there will be other cities that follow in this heinous practice. If you are poor…. help yourself, Negus stand up.-

Nigist Sha